COHSGymnastics & CHSAAnow.com Merge

We are excited that CHSAAnow.com has teamed up to take over score reporting for the CHSAA high school season. Instead of emailing scores to cohsgymnastics@gmail.com you can now report your scores online via www.chsaanow.com/gymnastics/results. 

By using this form CHSAA will oversee all score reporting and rankings which will then be used for season average scores and Regional seeding.

Host schools are asked to report team scores and Top-3 individuals from every dual and/or tri meet and Top-6 for invites.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Ryan Casey (rcasey@chsaa.org) or Erika Taga (erikataga@gmail.com).


Ponderosa vs. Thornton - 8/21/14

Ponderosa 168.975
Thornton 166.85

1. Halle Bell-T    8.825
2. McKenna Moede-P   8.75
3. Katie Steward-P  8.65

1. Halle Bell-T  8.85
2. Katie Steward-P  8.6
3. Makaela Powell-P 8.55

1. Sara Michie-T   9.25
2. Ashley Rodewald-P  8.75
3. Jay Escamilla-P    8.6

1. Halle Bell-T  9.5
2. Katie Steward-P   9
T3. Ashley Rodewald-P   8.75
T3. Kwanli Young-T    8.75

All Around
1. Halle Bell-T  35.425
2. Katie Steward-P  33.875
3. Abby Twigg-P  33.4


Welcome to the 2014 Colorado High School gymnastics season. We are planning on being back in action again this fall but are in talks with CHSAA and CHSAANow.com to combine websites so that our sport is finally recognized and tracked along with all of the other Colorado sports. Until that gets finalized and changed please continue to send meet results (team scores, top-3 individuals) to cogymnastics@gmail.com.

Thanks so much and good luck this season!